Pasta with meat ball sauce and squash

Hello folks, now I am going to show you how to cook a very good pasta. What is great about pasta with sauce? Several things. Sauce once cooked may be saved and even frozen. Pasta itself does not take much time to cook but if you do not want to invest much time in cooking pasta you can also cook it beforehand and keep it in a fridge for a long time or even freeze it. And once you return home after a long day you do not have to go to a restaurant (expensive, takes time, not always good :( ) or buy food to go (expensive, usually not tasty) or warm up frozen food (never tasty, yak). You just microwave or reheat your proudly cooked pasta with a meat sauce. This can be eaten alone or served as a holiday dish. I swear 80% of food people who eat this will prize you highly, other 20% are merely haters.

Okay what ingredients we need. This time I was cooking just for myself so I expected to finish the whole thing in 3 sessions. How oblivious I was! It was gone in two acts. But this amount normally will feed 3 mature 220 lbs males like yours truly.

We will need:
1/2 pounds of ground beef.
Any ham leftovers you have (optional)
1 large onion.
2 medium squashes.
2 ounces of butter.
1 4-5 cloves of garlic.
1 pack of Barilla pasta. Any pasta would do but I use fettuccine here.
1 can of tomatoes.
2-3 teaspoons of the sugar (brown sugar is preferable)
salt, pepper other spices.
Grated cheese (feta or parmigiano)

You will need two pans and one pot to boil pasta.

First heat the pan and melt 3/4 of your butter

Roll small meatballs from your ground beef

When your butter is sizzling add meatballs. Put your stove on the highest temperature.

and fry them until brown

In the meantime cut zucchinis and when your meatballs are brown add to the pan and stir it. Keep the temperature max 10 of 10

Chop garlic and brown it on the separate pan if you have a separate pan. Otherwise just throw garlic to the saucepan and think about buying a second pan.

Chop the onion and add to the saucepan. Stir everything and wait until onion becomes soft.

Now it's time for sauce. Open a can of tomatoes and mix into the saucepan. Add sugar. Stir well.

It's time to add spices. I use this wonderful garlic chilli paste and cumin/coriander mix.

Mix everything together.

Cover with a lid and lower temperature to 2 / 10.

You can cook pasta in advance but I cook everything simultaneously.
Here is a little secret. You need a lot of water to boil your pasta so it does not stick together and/or becomes mushy.

It takes about 12 minutes.

I like some cheese in my pasta especially feta. This is optional.

Now our sauce is ready. For extra taste you can simmer your sauce up to 2 hours or more but 30 minutes is still OK.

Now you can serve it! Look at this awesomeness!!!